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“Feel Like HOME”

UniKL campuses are equipped excellent Infrastructure with the latest technologies. Its infrastructure is supported by state-of the-art equipment, classroom , laboratories, Hangar, Library, Hostel, workshops as well as IT and multimedia studios available in UniKL are a testament to UniKL’s commitment to excellence. These to make sure our student live their campus lifestyle to the fullest

The quality of the college environment, especially the student’s accommodation is an essential component in determining their academic success and enjoyment of student’s life. The Accommodation Office will provide the support the students need on issues concerning accommodation. The students are housed in hostel located close to the campus. Detailed information on accommodation will be sent to students upon admission to UniKL. Besides that the facilities provided for student include sporting facilities, co-curriculum, and counselling.

The accommodation at UniKL is able to cater almost 10,000 students from all over campuses. Apartments are comfortable with well-appointed facilities for each apartment. Bedrooms are double room each apartment can house for 4 – 6 students. The ambience in the student apartment helps build camaraderie and encourage friendship among students of diverse racial and religious backgrounds.
Good quality off-campus accommodation at reasonable rates is also available. UniKL will make an effort to house all students on campus for at least one year.

Additional Furnitures & Fittings
In general, all the apartment units include the following facilities:

  • room inventory: single bed, mattress, side table, wardrobe, notice board, a ceiling fan and lamp;
  • kitchen inventory: kitchen cabinet, dining table & chairs, and a rubbish bin;
  • all rooms and hall are furnished with curtains;
  • the warden or fellow of the student units makes sure that, amongst other things, any damages will be repaired instantly;
  • hall area : study table & chairs, study lamp and Internet/computer port.
  • 24 hours security

Residents have access to a range of recreational and academic facilities. The Fellow or residential staff are available to assist and advise students during semester periods and each college conducts its own social and cultural program.

Spots & Recreation
UniKL is also responsible in providing sports and recreational facilities to the staff and students. The sports and recreation unit will:

  • Organize and encourage competitions and sport activities to promote healthy lifestyle
  • Develop, prepare and manage sports and recreational facilities for the satisfaction of the students
  • Plan and organize sports and recreational programs in order to encourage student’s involvement
  • Instil education values in sports and recreational activities to produce well rounded individual

UniKL has formed several teams comprising of staff and students to promote the spirit of healthy competition among the teams

Clubs and Societies
UniKL believes in the holistic approach of creating an all rounder individual. The existing clubs and societies in UniKL allow students to explore their creativity and potential be in the form of arts of sport. These clubs and societies provide an excellent opportunity for students to meet up those with similar interest.

UniKL will keep the maintenance from time to time and upgrade all its facilities in order to make sure that we serve our student to the best.


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